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The Artist

Ángel Fernández Sánchez de la Morena's work is a polyhedron of mirrors that reflect the world and the hearts of those who dare to look at themselves. His pieces contain secrets and beautiful stories for those who want to discover them.


“Knowing Ángel’s artistic career for many years, I think that one of his main characteristics is honesty.
 Someone whose creative expression is close to poetry, very specific ideas but leaving a wide open field around the work for the viewer to freely interpret its meaning, becoming a viewer, almost a scrutinizer of sensations “

Ángel Jorquera

Sculptor, ODE

“One of the most suggested aspects when we contemplate Ángel’s work is the thoroughness displayed in the artistic work itself. Perhaps we include a vision from a conceptual tone towards a mouth gaze and with the viewer. We could suppose that we find the interiority of an artist’s formal beauty transgressed towards the mundane space, visible, in situ and without return”

Original Version “Uno de los aspectos más sugeridos cuando contemplamos la obra de Ángel, es la minuciosidad desplegada en el propio trabajo artístico. Quizá abarcamos una visión desde un tono conceptual hacia una mirada en desembocadura para y con el espectador. Podríamos suponer, que nos encontramos con la interioridad de una belleza formal de artista transgredida hacia el espacio mundano, visible, in situ y sin retorno.” (more…)

Miguel Moreno Jerez

Poet and Teacher

“The day I saw Angel Fernandez’s work I was sincerely moved. I liked it very much, I think he is a very interesting artist. His work seems very visceral to me, connecting directly with the heart”

Concha Casa Tejeda

Flamenco Dancer

“When contemplating Ángel’s work, he always asks me for some time so that he will throw himself on me, generating questions in my gaze (sensations).
His artworks, painting, sculpture, drawing, or photography; they arise from a reflection that generates sensations full of delicacy, feeling and the silence of a veiled secret that each one has to interpret.

Angel creates to live and his creations punctuate our existence in a subtle and exquisite way”
Original Version “Al contemplar la obra de Ángel, siempre me pide un tiempo para que vaya a arrojarse sobre mí, generando en mi mirada (sensaciones) preguntas.
Sus piezas artísticas, ya sea pintura, escultura,  dibujo, fotografía, etc; surgen de una reflexión que genera unas sensaciones llenas de delicadeza, sentimiento y  el silencio de un secreto velado que cada uno tiene que interpreta.
Ángel crea para vivir y sus creaciones punzan de forma sutil y exquisita nuestra existencia”.

Pablo García Llamas


“During the Doubtland exhibition, I was amazed by the work of Angel (being a graphic designer myself), I discovered a subtle art, extremely poetic, an art of great sensitivity outside the conventional forms and striking characteristics of traditional contemporary art, sometimes already consensual.

An art to discover and decipher over time and a serene and meditative gaze”


Original Version: “Pendant l’exposition Doubtland, C’est avec étonnement (étant moi-même graphiste) que j’ai découvert un art subtil, extrêmement poétique, un art d’une grande sensibilité en dehors des voies conventionnelles et l’art contemporain traditionnel flashy est parfois d’accord.

Un art à découvrir et déchiffrer au fil du temps et un regard serein et méditatif.”

Cédric Marendaz

Graphic Designer & Illustrator - Marendaz Gallery

“It has a poetic depth! Angel’s work connects in a subtle way with my emotions.  It has a poetic depth that gives me a lot of emotion and strength every time I spend time observing it”

Ana Fernández

Founder & President Kokoro World Trends

“On the coat rack, on the wall, on the table, among the books. Angel’s pieces have been with me for thirty-two years”

Fernando Andrés

CEO of Initiatives and Exhibitions. Director of Special Projects in

“Ángel’s work is a polyhedron of mirrors that reflect the world and the hearts of those who dare to look at themselves. Each piece contains secrets, beautiful stories, which add to those of those who discover them”

Saida Santana Mahmut


“Serenity and delicacy.  Love and connection with my energy”

Eugenia Martín

Beauty & Fashion Specialist

“Whenever I am lost I return to my usual ways … to my mental map … and at the end I end up showing up … me”

Juan Carlos Fernández

Executive Account Manager at Wurth Spain

“Seeing Ángel’s pieces is discovering a new way of observing objects, seeing their other side, and although it seems ephemeral and only lasts for a moment, it has a complex and transforming background, many pieces evoke something very personal, which is within each one, but at the same time it is alien to a simple glance”  Original Version   “Ver las piezas de Ángel, es descubrir una nueva forma de observar objetos, ver su otro lado, y aunque parece efímero y que sólo perdura un instante, tiene un trasfondo complejo y transformador, muchas piezas evocan algo muy personal, que está dentro de cada uno, pero a la vez es ajeno a un simple vistazo”.

Juan Baudet

Graphic Designer

“Wonderful artist starting with his gaze and heart, he continues with his way of transmitting it in each of his pieces and finally, how he manages to capture it in a space and make us feel”

Fátima Tejedor


“Generous observer, listener of little things, maker of emotions”

Mariano García González


“I was lucky to be part of one of his exhibitions, I remember it as my first job and also my first direct contact with art and especially with a great artist, since then I have always followed his career and did not want to miss the opportunity to praise  the quality in each of his works, how he plays with the elements, his sensitivity always moves me, how he sees beyond and manages to transport me… simply brilliant”

Ester Zapata Alcántara

Keller Williams Realty - Realtor — Home Stager


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